My body of work is influenced and inspired by different people and institutions, directly and indirectly, through learning, synthesis and exchange, as well as by Zeitgeist, landscapes, animals, and everyone I know.


La Foresta

Watermelon Birds 

The DO lectures

University of Latvia

Copenhagen Business School

Université de Liège

Bard College Berlin


Joseph Bartz Training

Violeta Lopiz Illustration

Segni Mossi

La Voix Humaine

Jonathan Kay Foolish Theatre

Grinberg Method International

Elena Makarova

I Liq Chuan | The Martial Art of Awareness


As well as Gabrielle Roth,  Black Mountain College, Joseph Campbell, Pina Bausch, Gabor Maté, Lou Andreas-Salomé, Carl Jung, Mary Oliver, Andrej Tarkovskij, Boris Pasternak, William Shakespeare, Twyla Tharp, Frédéric Chopin, Lewis Carroll, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Eric Rohmer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Juri Norstein, Astrid Lindgren, Gilles Deleuze, biopsychosocial-ecological paradigm, Toon Tellegen, Nina Simone, Gianni Rodari, Henri Matisse, Anton Chekhov, Miranda July, Fela Kuti, William Kentridge, Rainer Maria Rilke, Marc Chagall, Freya Stark, Hervé Tullet, Henry David Thoreau, Marion Deuchars, and it goes on.




To create sustainable environment let's start with ourselves
To create sustainable environment we start with ourselves