N.P., consultant and company director (UK)

I took part in one of Sabina’s body awareness workshops recently, in the UK. As someone with a hectic lifestyle, it really helped me to slow down and understand what my body is trying to tell me about the impact of that lifestyle. In particular, it helped me to understand and control tension in my lower back. All this in a very short space of time!

S.M., 39, writer (USA)

I came to Sabina when a chronic, stress-related pain in my arm and shoulder recurred. Working with her really helped me feel ways in which I was not registering my feelings of fear or stress in the present. Learning to be more aware, physically and emotionally, made my arm and shoulder feel much better–but I also started to feel much better, calmer, clearer and happier in many parts of my life. 

Amanda Rigby, designer and illustrator at Paper Rhino (UK)

As part of Alive in Berlin, I took a workshop hosted by Sabina and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Her relaxed, open approach created a positive environment and she helped us all to feel more connected to our bodies and free in our movements. It was a really inspiring experience, enabling me to tune in to my body language and how it affects the people around me.

C.J., photographer, writer, creator (UK)

I just had an amazing experience. I took part in a body/awareness class. It was really moving and made me realise how I hold myself and the impact it has on holding me back.

Tom, creative strategist (UK)

It’s hard to explain just how impactful Sabina’s workshop was. We all lead busy lives, but by the end of the workshop I felt a profound change in my physiological and psychological well-being. I would recommend the Sabina’s workshop as an intensely rewarding experience.


Peter Saunders, entrepreneur and business angel (UK)

Sabina has an inner calm. Her workshop at the Do lectures in Wales was delightful. Relaxing and stretching and moving. In tune with the world.


Hilda, 33, editor, writer, translator (Canada)

Since working with Sabina, I not only have more energy, sleep better, feel healthier, and get run down much less often, I also have more clarity in pursuing my goals – in both my career and personal life. I can now recognize the obstacles I put in my own way and feel equipped to overcome them with lightness and grace, in a way that is true to myself and not self-destructive. My work and relationships are now better than they’ve ever been, but best of all is the feeling of being comfortable in my own skin.


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 6.53.38 PMOndrej Plestil, 32, architect (Czech Republic) 

Body and soul are two parts of the one. I don’t regret a single lesson spent with Sabina. Since that time we worked together, I feel more at home in my own body and that is a great deal. Thank you.