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Background idea

Every moment in life we function through our bodies. Breathing, posture, movement, the way we hold ourselves altogether, influence our whole presence, the way we think, act, feel and perceive the world and ourselves. The purpose of this immersive research lab is to investigate and gain more awareness of this body-mind connection in relation to different subjects, such as collaboration and empathy, groundedness and presence, creativity and imagination, borders and endurance, honesty and expression, receptivity and intention, resistance and flow. Each session involves developing physical awareness and is dedicated to a specific subject. Expanding our awareness we also expand our choices of how and who to be.


Our vision is for more awareness of interconnection between body, mind, perception and behaviour, for being productive at work whilst looking after yourself, for working less hours but in more sustainable ways, for integrating the spirit of creativity, collaboration and wellbeing into your daily work life. This lab is a space for practice, reflection and imagination. Its foundation is dialogue, experimentation and exchange. We don’t aim to give you answers, sell a “way to go” or promote a method, we want to share our work and experiences with bodymind-oriented practices, to invite other practitioners from different movement and attention disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary thinkers that work at the BODY-MIND intersections, to contribute to this collective process of inquiry and exploration.


We sit too much. We do. If we move, we do it on special days and hours, when we go to our yoga class or fitness studio. After that we have more energy, clear focus, and fresh ideas come to mind. But why wait for those special hours, if we can refresh our mind and energize our body just when we need it? Sometime in the day there comes a moment when we may no longer remember, what we should be focusing on, our productivity drops, and no creative ideas come to mind. This is when we need to stand up, stretch, breathe, and get back into our bodies.

We offer these movement and mindfulness sessions to support people in regaining presence, clarity and focus throughout the working day, so that they are in touch with their creative drive, collaborate better, and stay healthy at the same time.

Subjects examples:
Clarity and flow
Concentration and focus
Collaboration and empathy
Groundedness and presence
Resistance and flow
Creativity and imagination

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Location: Factory Berlin (closed sessions for Factory members)

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