As human beings, we live in two worlds: the outer world and the inner one. We couldn’t agree more with Sir Ken Robinson, who writes about our ability to know the world around us only through the world within us, through the senses by which we perceive it and the ideas by which we make sense of it. Our lives are formed by the constant interaction and interplay between these two worlds, each affecting how we see and act in the other.

In “Body and Art” project with children we explore in simple and playful ways the outer and the inner worlds of our bodies. We ask questions about what we are made of, what organs as well as feelings live in us, what we can perceive through our senses, and how we relate to our bodies through imagination. We learn how every body has a lot in common with each other, and at the same time how everybody is unique. We work with different materials and explore various techniques, such as drawing, sculpting, painting, sensing, sounding, printing, making collage, moving, shadow tracing, as well as some basic meditative practices of paying attention. The class aims to raise self-awareness, curiosity, and appreciation of the body. Every child is unique and valuable. Let’s celebrate each other!

Current work in progress: INSIDE-OUTSIDE Project at INA.KINDER.GARTEN Prenzlauer Berg for Children Arts Center Berlin

Chapter 1. Body as Being

During the first few weeks of the workshop we look at the body as a state of being. We look at it from outside — this is who I am, I am this shape, I have these body parts, this is the colour of my eyes, hair, skin. Every body is different and uniquely beautiful. We also look at the body from inside — what is inside of me? Does someone live there? Are there any landscapes? What am I made of? (For example: Where is my heart? Do I feel it? What shape does it have? How does it sound? What do I need it for?) In these meetings we explore the inner structure, inner organs, inner inhabitants.



Chapter 2. Body as perception

What is outside of me? Our senses allow us to perceive reality around on multiple levels, to develop attention and experience the world around through smell, taste, sound, feeling, seeing. We can also direct our attention inside, and perceive what do we feel there, the emotions we experience at this moment, the way we breath, our inner experiences, intuitions, sensations.


Chapter 3. Body as Expression

Through the body we also express ourselves, who we are and what we feel. How do we do it? We speak, we sing, we write, we move, we draw and paint, we do all kinds of things where our heart, mind, hands and the whole body create and leave our inner mark on the outer world. In these meetings we also explore how our posture, or the way we move, and the way we breath are connected to how we feel. Does every expression leave a mark?


Chapter 4. Body as  Imagination

What if everything around us would sound? What if every object could easily turn out to be a living being?  How would we feel living in another body? What if we all were part of one whole body? Can we draw with the whole body? Can we draw on the body? Can our bodies make music? How about percussion? These meetings are about imagining and celebrating the body in all forms.


As part of the “Body as Imagination” we created a sounding body sculpture in collaboration with Playtronica collective from Moscow. Here you can see some video impressions: