In this workshop for children from 6 years old we offer the participants to create their own artist’s book. During the workshop we talk about the tradition of the artist’s book, see examples from art history, visit a museum and an artist studio, work together to implement each our own artist’s book using a variety of tools and forms of expression, such as collage, painting, drawing with pencils, ink, charcoal. We explore subjects such as Self-portrait, Animals, Plants, Cities. We also move and through movement leave coloured traces on paper. In addition to creative and artistic development of every child, we are also interested in the development of personality. Through discovering the new, trying out different techniques and ways of doing, learning to work alone and in a team, to play, to move, expressing oneself spontaneously and sincerely – all that we see as an important part of our work with children, and as an essential part of the process in the formation of a complete self – an assured and balanced individual. At the end of the workshop there is an exhibition of all the work children have done and of the books they have made. This workshop was created in collaboration with Barbara Cousin and Estella Mare.

Images from a workshop during Kinder Kultur Monat Berlin