In any work – people are the most important. People you trust and that trust you. If you find the right people you will be rowing together in the same direction, towards a shared vision.  And it will be fun. Often conflicts and misunderstandings get in the way. How can we cooperate better, relate to each other with less “labels” and express more freely who we are? How to create an environment where nobody needs to compromise, obediently submit or control others? How to give criticism in a constructive way? How can everyone tap into their individual’s personal strengths and wisdom, expand their capabilities, confidence and resilience, and be part of building strong and trustworthy relationships in the working environment and elsewhere in life? These are the questions at the center of this workshop. The participants will be offered a set of tools, exercises and experiences in a group that aim to bring more physical awareness, drop unnecessary efforts and feel more free while working with people.

Images from workshops: Targetprocess, ALE conference, Watermelon Birds, I-Deja