Running your own business that you can truly stand behind allows you to enter into life more intensely. It demands integrity and courage to recognise what makes you come alive, to make it into your work, and to invest into it with joy and perseverance. It asks from you to give up being safely wrapped in routines and expectations. It wakes up your vital forces and challenges you daily. In this process you learn lots of life lessons, you grow and develop together with your project. For this you need energy and clarity, to be healthy and ready for surprises, to give your best, and to go forward in times of inevitable setbacks. This way of being, tuned-in with life in and around you, is what I describe as personal sustainability. This workshop is based on training physical awareness, movement and creativity in everyday life.

Images from workshops at Alive in Berlin Conference, Do Lectures Wales, I-Deja Maja Riga, Baumhaus Berlin, Über den Tellerrand