image by Violeta Lopiz

Forest of Senses
a multi-sensory experience installation

During this project we will explore the natural environments of the city around together with children. We will look into the history of arts to find examples of how humans depict and interact with nature. We will create our own forest installation from real and imaginary ingredients, individual and collective dreams, working with diverse materials (such as clay, leafs, sticks, colours, found objects) and techniques (observing, drawing, painting, sculpting, storytelling, light installation).

The project aims to encourage children’s intuitive, experiential and holistic understanding of the natural environment, to blend sensory, imaginary and scientific approaches, to reinforce interrelationship of human and nature in the age of digital technologies. This process also stimulates children’s attention to wonders, beauty and diversity of natural surroundings, as well as to the quality of their own living environments. The project aims to reconcile the world of arts, humanities and sciences in children’s everyday experiences.

This project will take place in autumn 2018 at Kinder Künste Zentrum Berlin.


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