To do any creative act is to shape reality. In this lab we want to approach art education in a broader context – not just as education in a skill or formal questions, but as a process of formation of a whole person (Ausbildung vs Bildung). We want to enter into an alive and generous interaction with reality –  and therefore as much as possible to feel into what it is that our real work in real life is. We learn to begin. Now, not in 10 years. We want to explore who we are and what do we stand for. What do we want to create? Which ideas are guiding our work? How do we want to co-create the world? What are the consequences of our artistic choices? We also want to explore how we work together. How we collaborate.

Our mode of inquiry is experimental. It is based on questions and open exploration, on movement and mindfulness training, on cross-disciplinary thinking and expression through various artistic media. In the process we gradually give shape to our ideas and values, letting them take space and form. On the way we too become more embodied beings, more real, more confident in expressing ourselves in the world. Training confidence in each student’s personal trajectories as an artist (in self-expression, in the processes that lead from ideas to artworks) and also as a human living in the ever-changing circumstances of contemporary world, embracing uncertainty and learning to co-create with it, as well as learning to collaborate with others in honest ways, are fundamental values at the center of this lab.

Images from working with students at Bard College Berlin, Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts