Followed by the example of initiatives at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, where students from different faculties get together to work on a common project during one week time, I offer to facilitate similar process of encounter and common creation among students of different departments of a university. An interdisciplinary project is designed in order to encourage an exchange, dialogue and collaborative creation between students from diverse backgrounds. The focus is on a common interest, a shared vision, to which different disciplines, experiences and points of view can contribute in order to create a more enriched common project. It is a process where different abilities are needed: attention to what is true for each person, creativity, imagination, collaboration, ability to deliver, to land a vision, to give one’s best, to learn from each other. I believe wisdom can be born in an encounter and synthesis. This kind of common creation can initiate a process for people from different perspectives and walks of life to find points of connection, to move beyond the exchange of opinions, even to contribute to a broader re-intergration of our world and culture.

Images from working with students at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, and Greifswald University