“When I was a child my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk, you’ll be the pope.’ Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.”
Pablo Picasso

Studio Mutu is a collaborative creativity studio. To live out loud is our passion. To bring a little more poetry into life  our mission. To play is our strategy. Intuition, inspiration and imagination are our methods. Sensitivity, curiosity and spontaneity ― our tools. We believe people are creators. It is a vital necessity for individuals to interact with the world, to play, to express themselves, and to expand their inner world by continuously discovering the outer one.



At Mutu we are interested in creative pursuits that place the human being in the centre. We are interested in the development of the individual, and each person’s unique expressiveness. In our educational projects we develop a way of teaching & learning that first and foremost stimulates creative approaches to the outer and inner world both in children and adults. In our creative projects we are not trying to make the next statement in one or another artistic field. What interests us is the liberation of internal capacities, the possibility to go one’s own way, to sculpt one’s own life into an artwork of an ever-changing form.

kids art


We offer creative projects for children of different ages based on learning through experience, interdisciplinary connections, collaborative interaction, diversity of forms of expression, and movement being an integral part of creative processes. Children need endless ways to express themselves, to explore new ideas or surroundings following their natural curiosity, to develop confidence to experiment. The art is in the child. To learn more about our educational philosophy click here.

Ongoing projects

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We believe that inner creative powers of individuals have the capacity to advance the present structures of their life. Sharing the perspective of Joseph Beuys we too are convinced that art and creativity have the potential to invite us deeper and more fully into life, to become more real and joyful, and ultimately to develop our willpower to shape our own world into the one we would delight living in.



We are interested in a larger context of art and culture in society. We look at art in a broader sense than the one offered by the specialised artistic disciplines. Artists for us are seekers, people who search and explore continuously. Those who want to communicate meaning in this world. Those who write love letters to life. Amateurs. Derived from AMARE.