As human beings, we live in two worlds: the outer world and the inner one. We only know the world around us through the world within us, through the senses by which we perceive it and the ideas by which we make sense of it. It is the disconnect between these two types of knowledge perception that is causing many of the challenges that we face in life, individually and collectively. But our lives are formed by the constant interaction and interplay between these two worlds, each affecting how we see and act in the other.

In “Body and Art” project with children we will explore in simple and playful ways the outer and the inner worlds of our bodies. We will explore what we are made of, what organs as well as feelings live in us, what we can perceive through our senses, and how we relate to our bodies through imagination. We will learn how every body has a lot in common with each other, and at the same how everybody is unique. We will work with different materials and explore various techniques, such as drawing, sculpting, painting, printing, making collage, moving, shadow tracing, as well as some basic meditative practices of paying attention. The class aims to raise self-awareness, curiosity, and appreciation of the body. Every child is unique and valuable.

Current work in progress at INA.KINDER.GARTEN Prenzlauer Berg for Children Arts Center Berlin: