Being a body connects us to everyone who has ever lived; to other people and to animals, across time, geographies and happenstance. What does it mean to live as a body? How do we embody our environment, our upbringing, education, current structures of power, cultural and social values? Can we liberate from cultural prejudice, gender stereotypes, or class determinism through liberating in our bodies, through unknotting the knots of inherited believes that do not correspond to us? What if the different symptoms and illnesses people suffer from are ways in which bodies speak against ways they are being neglected, commodified and exploited? How do we become attentive enough to hear our bodies speak? How about body as our connection to other beings, to the nature? Body as an integral part of what we call “nature”?

BodyMatters is a project consisting of various series where I explore these questions, and try to connect to the body as an expression of aliveness, exploring my personal embodied individuality through the senses, movement, interaction with materials, as well as the desire to connect to the world around. Wittgenstein wrote: “The human body is the best picture of the soul.”

Living Mutuality

In this series I explore the relationship between movement and drawing, physical states and states of mind, painting as a bodily experience. I’m connecting this work to bodymind practices. I’m interested in the effect they can have through individuals on a society and culture at large.

Mind your nature

What are we running from when we run away from ourselves?

The green land in love

Bodies perceive and feel each other. They communicate with each other even when we do not consciously realise it. It is also true between humans and animals. In this series I explore the subtle communication that is born out of my encounters and time spent with different animals.