In this workshop we look at the history of books, how and why did books develop, how the invention of writing and drawing contributed to the expansion of our intelligence as species, what kind of materials were used to make books in the old days in different parts of the world. To learn about the history we visit museums, and then we try ourselves to make stone books, wooden books, papyrus books, parchment books, paper books, small books, large books, accordion books, elephant books, illustrated books, story books… Workshop series developed and lead together with the illustrator Violeta Lopiz.

Images from Neues Museum, Naturkunden Museum, Werkstadt Berlin during KKM workshop


In this workshop for children from 6 years old we offer the participants to create their own artist’s book. During the workshop we talk about the tradition of the artist’s book, see examples from art history, visit a museum and an artist studio, work together to implement each our own artist’s book using a variety of tools and forms of expression, such as collage, painting, drawing with pencils, ink, charcoal. We explore subjects such as Self-portrait, Animals, Plants, Cities. We also move and through movement leave coloured traces on paper. At the end of the workshop there is an exhibition of all the work children have done and of the books they have made. In collaboration with Barbara Cousin and Estella Mare.

Images from a workshop during Kinder Kultur Monat Berlin