Emotions live in the body. To learn to experience them, manage them, hear what they have to say, not to be their slave — that’s the emotional intelligence of the body. Often our upbringing does not teach us that. Often we learn to cope with our emotions by suppressing, exploding, or ignoring them. We are judging emotions into positive and negative, pathologizing some of them and banning away from our conscious attention. However the life of feelings is too real to be reduced to positive and negative, and too alive to be shut down. Having the courage to feel can be a source of great energy and new possibilities. It can also give a doorway into finding out what’s important to us, what we value, how we are tuned-in with different aspects of reality.

This workshop offers a way to discover the existing connections between emotions, behaviour and the physical body. You will become better acquainted with yourself, with your senses, thoughts and feelings exploring their physical aspects, how they influence and reflect each other. In the process your attitude will change from being judgmental to being curious of your inner world, you develop a deeper self-awareness and a richer and kinder relationship with yourself and people around.



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Cover image courtesy: Ashley Brown Durand