This class is designed for building a good base for life. It gives tools for developing more awareness of interconnection between body, mind, perception and behaviour, for being productive at work whilst looking after yourself, for working less hours but in more sustainable and effective ways, for integrating the spirit of creativity, collaboration and wellbeing into your daily life.

Personal sustainability is an ability to sustain ourselves, to be well in any area of our experience. This workshop aims to raise participants’ awareness (from daily details of how we walk through our day to the way we communicate with others), and to develop personal sustainability as an attitude in life, as a decision to be well in any area of one’s experience. Whether it is about one’s physical and mental health, or relationships with people around. It is an invitation to wake up your vital forces, to grow up instead of growing old, to live with energy and clarity, to be healthy and ready for surprises, to give your best, and to go forward in times of inevitable setbacks. This way of being, tuned-in with life in and around you, is what I describe as personal sustainability. It is based on learning to pay attention, to be honest with what we perceive and express, what we want and don’t want. An important part of the training is character building — that is to say, the development of fundamental qualities essential to a healthy life, such as courage, groundedness, empathy, lightness, endurance, honesty, creativity, integrity, and authenticity.

Try-out Workshop: 2h
Class: 10 Meeting à 2 hours


Images from workshops at Bard College Berlin, I-Deja, Baumhaus Berlin, ALE conference, Greifswald University, Emergent Berlin, TargetProcess, Fontys School of Arts


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